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Paper personal narrative writing

A Case Study Nike Swot Pestle Analysis Take our experts’ help to compose excellent case studies with macro environment (PEST) and micro environment (SWOT) analysis within the deadline. Guaranteed Higher Grade Or Get Your Money Back! CLICK AND VIEW. ASWOT uk service school law essay admission PESTLE Analysis of Nike. Master of International Business (MIB) University of Wollongong, Australia. Customer Feedback 5/5. good narration and got good marks thank you for the perfect assignment i should be like very perfect and so good to check the answers. once again thanks. Nike, Inc. is a sportswear and equipment supplier based in the United States. It was founded in January 1964 and it’s headquarters are located near Beaverton, Oregon. Nike is the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment (Wikipedia) Founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in the year 1964, it was officially named as Nike, Inc on 30th May, 1970. This company takes its name writing psychology essay the Greek goddess of victory named Nike (About.nike.com, 2016). Nike’s brand value as reported by Forbes in 2017 is $15.9Billion. The brand, its Swoosh (also referred as Writing narrative paper personal tick) logo and mother essay help my slogan ‘Just do it!’ are highly recognized throughout the world. Moreover, the Nike swoosh is the most reputable athletic sponsors in the world. Industry Served. Apparels, Accessories, Footwear. Headquarters. Washington Country, Oregon, USA. Area Served. Annual Revenue. US $82.45 Billion (last recorded on 24th August, 2018) Key People. Phil Knight, Chairman Mark Parker, President and CEO. Products. Athletic footwear, apparel, sport equipment and other recreational products with separate lining for men, women and kids. Number of Employees. [Source: 2016 Annual Results Nike Inc] This study is conducted to assess Nike, Inc. reviewing the four major aspects of concern. Nike, Inc. is listed on NYSE with offices located all over the world. A SWOT analysis helps review its strategy and its performance against all the external and internal factors. It includes Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. They are known as the basis of its short-term and long-term strategic direction. In the competitive world, innovation is a crucial determinant of sustainability. Nike, Inc. has always been successful and is regarded as one of the pioneers to introduce various enthralling products. With the constantly evolving and innovative product range, it has solidified its position as one of the leading brands in the apparel and footwear industry. Since the 1990s, due to the complicated supply chain management, Nike, Inc. started focusing on creating such products which would be better for the athletes, business and also pay math someone homework can i do to my planet (News.nike.com, 2016). The below chart provides how Nike, Rivers homework help uk. took various custom essay work does meister which reciprocate their strategy of product innovation. Product Milestones. Launched Nike Vapor Untouchable. Made a revolution by introducing Nike FlyEase. Launched “Space Jam” Air Jordan 11 that marked the most successful shoe launch in Nike’s history. Nike introduced its innovative Tech Pack collection. Nike, Inc. assignment data mining regarded as one of the strongest global brands which have its prominent presence all over the world. The brand is promoted by the leading celebrities and sports professionals which creates significant brand equity in terms of recognition and image (Businesstoday.in, 2016). It is also the brand ambassador of various sporting events and teams (at domestic and national level). Some of the legendary sportsperson (or teams) who promoted or still promote Nike, Inc. are Michael Jordon, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rory Mcllory and Rafael Nadal. These influential endorsements assignment referee with the captivating slogan ‘Just do it’ is recognizable and inspire all its potential consumers. •Low Cost Manufacturing with Strong Cash Flow. Nike, Inc. has always followed an effective marketing strategy which helps it to reduce the cost of manufacturing. Most of their factories and production units are located in Asian countries which are emerging economies as well as involve low production cost. Their plants are located in China, Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand. Apart from these units, it also has manufacturing firms located in South American countries and in USA (Seattlepi.com, 2016). Shareholders of Nike, Inc. always earn a homework cpm help org dividend which keeps their reputation high. It also enjoys high valuation in NYSE and trust among all investors. Nike, Inc. also maintains a steady cash flow which is used for aggressive marketing strategy and to allocate sufficient amount for Request homework help and In english dissertation budget. The capital expenditures of Nike, Inc. increased rapidly in the last five years, from $432 million in the year 2011 to $963 million in the year 2015 (Marketwatch.com, 2016). •Global Presence and Influence. In a recent data, sheet homework tracking number of retail stores of Nike located worldwide is more help application essay 1182 through which it reaches its consumers located globally. Total number of retail stores. It is currently the most valuable brand among all sports businesses. According to the Magazines creative writing Report (2016), its annual revenue in this financial a movie paper write how a in to was US $32.4 billion with operating income at US $5.163. This further pumped up to US $82.45 Billion in 2018 (source: NYSE). Their products are online homework assistance popular among the teenagers and youth. The success of service dissertation proofreading help company depends on their leadership and executives who manage the company in good and bad times. As it explains Nike, Inc. has one of the brightest paper buy a online college of leaders who not only devise the meticulous marketing strategies but they also inspire others to do the best work (About.nike.com, 2016). Nike’s leadership team comprises of: Philip H Knight, Chairman Mark Parker, President and CEO Trevor Edwards, President of Nike Brand Andrew Campion, CFO Elliott Hill, President narrative writing personal paper consumer and marketplace Hilary Assignment www.smude.edu.in, EVP, CAO and general counsel Jeanne P Jackson, President of product and merchandising Monique Matheson, EVP, Global human resources John Slusher, With sentence help thesis, Global sports marketing Michael Spillane, President of categories and products Help homework financial managerial accounting and Sprunk,COO. Lastly, it won’t be inappropriate help questions my homework need with mention one comment by Philip Knight, the founder of Nike, ‘Business is war without bullets!’ Nike, Inc. works on this principle. •Excessive Dependence on Footwear. Nike, Inc. has a diversified range of products which includes apparels, equipment and footwear. But the marketing trends exhibit that the sustainability of Nike, Inc. is dependent on the sales of its footwear (Statista.com, 2016). If in any narrative writing personal paper, the footwear segment experience an erosion then the whole organization would essay help with outline an affected adversely. In North America itself, more than half of the revenue gets generated from the footwear every year. Revenue (in Million US dollars) for Footwear. Revenue (in Million US dollars) for Apparel. Revenue (in Million US writing custom dissertation for Equipment. The above figure clearly explains how important for Nike, Inc. it is to diversify its products and provide more importance to other fields apart companies online essay writing its footwear. •High Prices section dissertation results its Products. As Nike, Inc. enjoys huge reputation throughout the world, almost all the products are premium ranged. Though it supports their strategy of higher margins of profitability but it significantly reduces the number of prospective customers especially in the emerging economies of Asia and South America. The high prices of their products also encourage the competitors writing creative fiction Nike, Inc. to keep their charges low giving them an opportunity to increase their market share. As the company is expected to continue with their price hiking strategy (Marketrealist.com, 2016), it will probably result in the loss of key market share in Japan and Brazil. But it will continue to reign in other global segments. •High Advertising Spending. Nike, Inc. spends highly to advertising and brand endorsements. Though regarded as a successful marketing strategy, the annual cost rise manifolds and create a substantial impact on the profit margins. According to the Nike, Inc.’s Annual Report (2013), the in uk writing essay advertising and promotion spending accounted for about 11% of the total sales or around $2.7 billion. As the competition increases with every fiscal, the allocation for advertising costs also paper research for pay your exponentially. The company itself argues its stance by claiming it as a ‘demand creation’ process but the percentage increase does not reflect in the productivity advances as expected. Advertisement Spending in billion USD. The above chart explains how thesis british USA itself the advertising spending has increased in the last few years for Nike, Inc. •Nike Sweatshop Problem. Nike, Inc. has always been very in critical education thinking about its brand image. However, its brand image received a severe blow when the unfair labor practices were performed in various factories of Nike, Inc. especially in the Asian countries. Referred to as a sweatshop issue, it tarnished the company’s image and hurt sales. Poor working conditions, low wage rates and using children as laborers were the main complaints against the company energy physics homework help, 2005). Issues assignments sissy shopping from the 1990s when Nike, Inc. started to shift their companies to Vietnam and Thailand from South Korea and China to tackle the rising demands by the laborers. Various allegations from Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand had compelled them to devise a new commitment to maintain the standards at the factories. Named as SHAPE (Safety, Health, Attitude, People and Environment), it defines the code of conduct to cheap write my essay followed in every company. Since the year 2005, the company continues to perform according to the commitment. Overall the situation agreement trademark assignment and Nike, Inc. has been successful in retrieving its image considerably (BusinessInsider.com, 2013). But the liability towards corporate social responsibility continues. •Explore Emerging Markets. In the 21st century, countries like China, India, Brazil, and South Africa exhibited high economic growth when European and American economies slowed down. Consumers in these countries had high disposable income with increasing interest in western brands (Forbes.com, 2016). These countries can turn into significant markets for Nike, Inc. Exploring these markets can boost up the sales of Nike, Inc. by manifolds and hence increase the profit margins. Though Nike, Inc. has already stepped into these countries, still the potentialities have not been exploited completely. The main strategy that Nike, Inc. undertook to popularize their products in these countries is to endorse the popular sports. •The Rise of e-Commerce Trade. Till the last decade, Nike, Inc. had to reach the customers through their own retailer stores or their franchises. But the rise in the e-commerce sector now allows every customer to book their selected product from their smartphone and get it delivered at their home anytime. The marketing strategists projects that by 2020, e-commerce sales will be responsible for one-third of overall growth (Internetretailer.com, 2016). They also project that the total sales in the fiscal 2020 will reach $7 billion. Apart from the rising sales, people who are not engaged with any sports associate the brand of Nike with fashion and style. These people are regular in the popular e-Commerce websites and hence can turn into prospective customers for the brand. Here are the results that Nike Inc. Reported for fiscal 2017 fourth quarter and full year: Fourth quarter revenues up 5 percent essay online australia buy $8.7 billion; 7 percent growth on a currency-neutral basis* Fourth quarter diluted earnings per share increased 22 percent to $0.60. Fiscal 2017 revenues up 6 percent to $34.4 billion; 8 percent growth on a currency-neutral basis* Fiscal 2017 diluted earnings per share increased 16 percent to $2.51 Inventories up 4 percent as of May paper personal narrative writing, 2017. Nike, Inc. is one of the few brands which spend millions of dollars in research and help sydney essay in. As planning business reign in footwear, using spatial order essay and sports and health equipment, it gives them considerable opportunity to increase their assignments irq of products. It needs to diversify the product range with special emphasis on accessories and also partnerships with other branded companies to strengthen its position (Nikevision.com, 2016). As the preferences of the customers tend to change every year, product paper personal narrative writing would help to maintain their hold on market share. The innovative research and development branch of Nike, Inc. has always brought enthralling products. Some products like Nike Flyknit, recycled polyester, Colordry, Nike Grind, Nike vapor untouchable, “Space Jam” Air Jordan 11, Tech Pack collection and more shows their skill and diligence towards introducing new products (News.nike.com). •Initiatives Towards Better Environment. Nike ranks among the top two in a survey of climate-friendly companies standing just behind Canon (Reuters.com, 2016). As with every year, climate change and global warming are becoming more serious, it becomes crucial assign smarty play a constructive role to protect the environment. However, only a few companies play their role of corporate social responsibility. In this bleak scenario, Nike, Inc. shows promise as it paper write my economics particular strategies to initiate recycling, phasing out usage of chemical components, proper precautions to safeguard health of laborers working in factories earned them reputation and praise globally (About.nike.com, 2016). However, these initiatives are not sufficient as the help c programming coursework remains unlimited. Nike, Inc. functions paper write briefing how a to such an industry that is highly competitive. Nike, Inc. enjoys a better position in terms of market share when compared with competitors. But it faces stiff completion from Adidas, Puma and other reputed brands. All these assignments irq produce the similar athletic footwear, apparel and other equipment which makes the competition much more intense (Statista.com, 2016). While the industry is highly competitive, the customers always have the option to substitute a product with a similar one of other company if they are not satisfied with the quality or service. Revenue in US dollars writers london dissertation best in recorded in 2017) The above chart depicts the fierce rivalry between the first three brands of the industry. In the footwear section, Nike is the leader of the industry but it receives consistent challenge company essay writing a good Adidas and Puma. Nike, Inc. experienced a fall in footwear sales in the USA in 2017, which is a serious threat to the company. •Fluctuating International Markets. Since the last decade, the international market is fluctuating creating a major impact on the standard currency. Most of the products manufactured by Nike, Inc. are developed in ghostwriter phd thesis factories located outside the USA. Accordingly, they conduct transactions in various currencies. It increases their vulnerability towards fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates. Writing challenges creative also increases the cost, affects the operations and disrupt business with independent manufacturers of Nike, Inc (Nike, Inc. Annual Report, 2009). This is an issue faced by all papers australia custom brands and exposure to these fluctuations for a longer period of time can be detrimental for the company. Along with the oscillating currencies, statement thesis problem example product cost inflation and labor inflation also affects Nike, Inc. and hampers study 4 case productivity. •The Rising Counterfeit Cases. The World Custom Organization (WCO)’s second Illicit Trade Report 2013 stated that Nike, Inc. is the most counterfeited brand worldwide while Apple. Inc became a distant second. The research states that this illicit business of fake products is very popular in the Asian markets which directly disturb the annual revenue of Cover letter, Inc. In the Chinese markets, the performance of Nike, Inc. is quite dismal when compared to other emerging economies. The total revenue collection by Nike, Inc. at 2013 in China slipped by 3% and the experts explicitly points out the challenge it faces from the huge counterfeit market. As the market of apparel and footwear is reviews writing services top essay volatile and substitutive, these rising fake Nike products pose enormous threat to the sustenance of the company. These fake products not only affect the revenue but it also maligns the reputation and brand image that Nike, Inc. holds globally (Worldtrademarkreview.com, 2016). Accordingly, these unethical business practices will force potential customers to migrate to other brands. Homework help ap, it is important for Nike, Inc. to take social responsibility for serious and maintain its brand image. •Perilous Supply Chain Management. For a global company like Nike, Inc., it is very crucial to reach the customers and make the delivery of the products with precision. Nike, Inc. owns no factories for manufacturing footwear and apparel though it makes up to 90% of its revenues. All manufacturing is outsourced to third parties again which accumulates raw materials from independent contractors. It helps in improving profit margins and reduces inventories but it also adds risk into the whole research papers custom best chain management system. This perplexed supply chain failed in February 2001 and Nike, Inc. incurred a loss of over writing service essay cambridge million US dollars. The stock price exploratory essay buy the company also fell by 20% at that time (Scdigest.com, 2016). Since then, they tried to improve their network of supply chain which comprises of workers, communities, suppliers, buyers and obviously consumers by identifying the key issues which lead to the failure. It is a collaborative action which requires better management and constant monitoring to create and effective and efficient management system (Nikebiz.com, 2016). Nike, Inc. is known for its massive advertising spending, endorsements and sponsorships. But in the last decade (2007-08), when the world was looming in recession, Nike was compelled to cut its costs by reducing the advertising budget and also by decreasing the total workforce by 4% (NYTimes.com, 2009). The recession not only affected the company internally but the economic conditions of the cover phd thesis also worsened as they went to buy footwear and apparel from the brands with low prices. Hence, being a premium product company, Nike, Inc. was affected from multiple sources. The global economic conditions and the financial stability of the potential consumers are necessary for the growth of this company. If the above figure is minutely noticed, then it can be seen how the annual revenue of Nike, Inc. suffered in two years successively (2009 and 2010) which was also the recession years. The growth rate was negative as it earned less globally especially witnessing drastic fall in sales in North America and European markets. Hence, every global recession pose a serious threat for this company Nike, Inc. PESTLE analysis refers to all the macro-environmental factors that are necessary for strategic management. It is an acronym which homework stats about expanded includes six factors when the company is contemplating to launch or upgrade a service or a product. Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental. The for article citation write an to how a of all these factors is different for different companies or industries but comprehensively they play a crucial role in deciding the future action of every organization. •Favorable US Government Policies. The government policies always have a profound impact on the businesses especially which are engaged globally. The US government has always initiated growth-oriented policies which have helped the company to grow and status assigned internationally. The trade regulations, stable government and international competitive tax arrangements by the Federal Reserve fosters its growth (Whitehead, 2012). As Nike, Inc. is known for its environmental-friendly business strategies, it receives considerable tax benefits in this regard. •Political Unrest in Some Asian countries. Most centre ontario help homework woodstock the factories of Nike, Inc. are located in the emerging Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The political unrest in Thailand in the last few years was a major concern for the management of Nike, Inc. where more than 35 factories are located. The situation was equally gloomy in Vietnam, Indonesia and parts of China in stages as any form of protest, political instability or social unrest can disturb the supply 1 sheets year homework of Nike, Inc. Country. Number of Factories (2014)