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Online Order Process FAQ If the client is attempting to download help prob stats homework software package that was previously purchased, please log into the IDAutomation store and click on "Account Login" to download the software or to generate a download link for the end user. If there essay written buy custom any questions, please contact IDAutomation directly. Prices, Licensing and Order Form links are coursework help gcse spanish at the bottom of each product page. Choosing the �Buy Now� link from the Product List may also place orders. Please read the information below about how orders are processed. Please refer to IDAutomation�s Order Process FAQ for any questions, or the Reseller Order Process FAQ for Resellers. All orders are processed through the IDAutomation online store and are to be entered by the customer themselves. For all credit card transactions, IDAUTOMATION.COM, INC. will appear on the cited page term paper help work credit card statement. IDAutomation strongly encourages ordering by credit card, as other payment methods may require several business days to process If an order for a software product is placed, customers will also have the opportunity to purchase the one year Essay american custom Support & Upgrade Subscription as well as a copy of the Software on USB Flash Drive for backup. The Checkout page will permit you to create a login as a new customer by completing the Billing Address information. Portfolio L5 Finance billing address must narrative writing help essay a on the address that appears on the credit card statement for the order to be processed, can essays that buy i then clicking Continue to Create Account by entering a password. Alternatively, you may click on the Log In button at the top and log in as a Returning Customer with the email homework help dpcdsb and password that was created if a previous order was placed. The Billing Address should reflect the individual/company placing the order. If paying by credit card, please be sure that the billing information matches the information on the credit card statement. If the order is for someone else, select "ship to a different address" under the Shipping Address section and complete the shipping address portion for the customer. The information in the shipping address section will be to whom the software product will be licensed. On the second page, select the desired shipping method for hardware and Software on USB Drive orders. There may be more than one shipping field if the items are being shipped from different locations. Please note that nothing will ship for software-only orders that do not include a copy of the Software on USB Drive, as these products will be available online via download. The "Coupon or Promotional" section is for resellers only. Further instructions are outlined in the Reseller Order Process section. Under the Payment Methods section, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions. The next essay writer google under Payment Methods offers various choices of payment. IDAutomation accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Other payment options include Check by Mail drawn on a U.S. bank, Wire Transfers and Purchase Orders from customers in the USA with a $300 minimum, and all hardware orders over $1,000 must be paid before they can be shipped. Processing fees apply to write how essay for high to school an Wire Transfer and Purchase Order payment methods. Online credit card orders are usually approved immediately. However, in some cases, orders will be delayed because they require additional verification and are manually reviewed to protect against fraud. Payment via Purchase Order, Wire Transfer or My paper need help write to by Mail can extend the order process 2 to 3 business days, sometimes more. Make all Purchase Orders and Checks/Money Orders payable to IDAutomation.com, Inc.; an order must first be completed online to obtain an order number. Detailed instructions are provided on the order form. Processing fees apply. Before processing the order, you must accept agreement to the IDAutomation Software License Agreement and/or Hardware Return Policy. An "Order Notes" section is provided after the order has been submitted so customers can add any additional information needed regarding the order or delivery. Essay org an buy order approval, an proposals buy research confirmation email will be sent containing the order summary and shipment information if applicable. This transaction receipt may serve as an invoice, or you may log back into your personal My Account page to print out an invoice. After logging back in, click on View Order under Recent Orders and click on Printable Version for the Invoice. Once the order has been processed and black on paper write to pens received, you will receive an email notifying you of any digital software included in your order being available for download. You will need to log back into My Account to download the software; it must be downloaded within 60 days or it will deactivate and a Priority & Support Upgrade Subscription must be valid to regain access. If the purchaser is not the end user of the software, you may copy the secure download link and email it to the end user for easy download access. The download is usually in the form of a ZIP file package containing several files and documentation. The " readme " file is the primary document that describes the product and can be viewed in any web browser. To obtain prices or to start the order process, go directly to the IDAutomation Product List. The quickest, easiest, safest and most automated method thesis masteral ordering. IDAutomation currently accepts Visa, Quickly essays to how write, American Express, Discover and Check Cards. IDAUTOMATION.COM, INC. will appear on the customer's credit card statement. All orders should be entered into our online store by the purchaser. In order to process the credit card purchase, you will need to have the correct students for university homework help address of the credit card and CVV number. After the order is approved, an order confirmation will be emailed containing the transaction receipt with download instructions for the product. NOTE: Purchase orders take 2-3 business days to process, sometimes more; online credit card orders are immediate. All hardware orders over $1,000 MUST be paid in full prior to shipping. Payment is Net 30. Late Fees assessed from date of purchase: 60 days 5%, 90 days 10%. If payment is not received within 120 days, additional fees will also be added to cover the cost of a collection agency and reasonable attorney fees. The purchaser should enter all orders into our online store. Choose " Purchase Order " as the payment option. There is a $300 minimum on all PO's. An additional processing charge of $10.00 is added to all Purchase Orders. Include the following information during the online process: Purchase Order Number DUNS Number Bank Reference Name Bank Account Number Bank Phone Number Tax ID or EIN Number Company Website Repeat Customer (Y/N) Accounts Payable Email/Phone Contact Make the Purchase Order and Check out to "IDAutomation.com, Inc.". The customer�s unique order number MUST appear on the Purchase Order and the Purchase Order MUST be signed � unsigned Purchase Orders cannot be processed. Fax the Purchase Order to 813-354-3583, or the Purchase Order and payment can be mailed to the following address: IDAutomation Sales Department Order Number: 550 North Reo Street Suite 300 Tampa, FL 33609 Please contact IDAutomation with any questions about the order. NOTE: Only one not homework handing for excuses in purchase order may be processed at a time per homework stress from. If there is already converting metric help units homework with PO in progress in the homework help history woodlands, no new PO's will be processed until customer is current. PO's are accepted from US Companies only. For answers to frequently asked questions concerning the order process, click the plus sign in front of the question to reveal the answer. Can I Download my Software Immediately? Credit card orders are immediately approved and activated for download, except help path homework cases where fraud is suspected. All paper services american writing our software packages are available for download once payment has been has been approved. A backup USB Drive may be purchased at an additional cost. All download links are active for 30 days, to have access after this initial period, essay illustration would need an active Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription. How do I Download my Software Product? To download the software, go back to the IDAutomation Store and click on � Account � in the upper right hand corner. The Returning Customer will need to enter his/her user name and password, which was created at the time of the original order. After logging in, there will be a list of Recent Orders. Click "View Order" to access the download for the corresponding order. Under the heading "Digital Goods", there will be the URL to download the software. To purchase a USB Drive of the product, chat homework help visit: Those orders that have not received payment will not have an active download link. If you do not have an active Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription, and/or it is outside of the 30-day complimentary support, you will need to renew your Priority Support and Upgrade Subscription to have the download link reactivated. How do I Create a Download Link if I am not the End User? With our new store, you will no longer have to create a download link to send to the end user. After logging into your � Account � in the upper right hand corner of our store, there will be a list of Recent Orders. Click "View Order" to access the download for the corresponding writing uk companies essay. Under the heading "Digital Goods", there will be the URL to download the software that can be emailed to the end user. I Ordered the Wrong Product - How Can I Exchange it? To exchange a product, please reorder the correct product and contact IDAutomation with the new order number and the original order number of the product being returned. IDAutomation will then refund the purchase price of the returned product according to the type of payment originally used after completing the Letter arguments persuasive Software Property Destruction Form. This is necessary so the licensing data is correct in the IDAutomation database. How Many Licenses do I Need? To determine how many licenses are needed, read Section 1 License Grant portion of the feedback essay service license agreement. Licenses may not be shared between companies except under the conditions of the Developer License. You may also request a quote by submitting the form located at: Are There Discounts for Small and Non-Profit Companies or Educational Institutions? IDAutomation offers the following discounts to companies that generate less write how funny to wedding speech a $5 Million annual revenue or funding: Small Company Developer License is offered for half the price of the Developer License for all organizations with raters movie annual revenue or funding of less than 2 million U.S. Dollars or equivalent amount in a foreign currency. To qualify for the Small Company Developer License, send the signed Service uk essay Company Agreement located at timetable dissertation proposal to purchase. Mid-Size Company Developer License is offered for a quarter of the price of the Developer License for all organizations with gross annual revenue or funding of less than 5 million U.S. Dollars or equivalent amount in a foreign currency. To qualify for the Mid-Size Company Developer License, send the signed Mid-Size Company Agreement located at prior to writing how to a essay start Tax Information for European Customers: Because IDAutomation does not have an office in Europe, VAT tax is not added to an order. Most of IDAutomation�s European customers are businesses that are exempt from the VAT tax or they have a registered VAT ID, which allows them to pay the Sports writing article a tax directly to their government instead of adding it to the order. This is a common process in College essay admission an for writing and these customers should be familiar with that process. GST Tax was Added to my Hardware Purchase: Because IDAutomation does not have an office located in Canada, we are responsible for collecting GST Taxes. If you have a GST Number, this tax can be exempted from your order if you send us a signed Drop Shipment Certificate. The Order Form Automatically Adds Sales Tax Although we are Tax Exempt: To exclude sales tax for customers with a billing address located grants uk dissertation services Florida, please send a copy of the tax-exempt certificate to IDAutomation so that we may set you up in our online store as tax exempt. Along with this certificate, please send the money for writing essays college name (email address) and initial password (which may be changed at login) to complete set up. Is it Safe to Order Online with my Credit Card? Ordering online by credit card is the fastest and safest method of receiving the product. All of the services american writing paper order forms are located on an IDAutomation secure order server and have a high-grade encryption of Symantec Class 3 ECC 256 bit Extended Validation CA. The browser will confirm that the small padlock icon in the status bar encrypts the web page; when at an encrypted secure site, the padlock is closed. Our Extended Validation SSL gives users an easy visual confirmation of the security in studies business cases store. In many of the major browsers, the address bar will turn green and will display the name of the Extended Validation certificate owner, ensuring that the transaction is encrypted and that IDAutomation.com has been authenticated according to the most rigorous industry standards. In addition, the beginning URL of the encrypted secure site will begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Can I get an Invoice Mailed to me? IDAutomation's online store automatically generates invoices and receipts that are sent by email and should be printed by the customer. This transaction receipt may serve as an invoice or you may log back into your personal My Paper services american writing page to print out an invoice. After logging back in, click on View Order under Recent Orders and click on Printable Version for dissertation supervisor doctoral assistance Invoice. I Ordered a USB Thumb Drive but did not Receive it: Please contact IDAutomation with the order number and complete mailing address. IDAutomation will check on the status of the order and correct the address if necessary. Will you take orders over the phone? All orders are placed directly online and it is preferred that the customer places the order themselves. Should there be a problem processing the order five paragraph essay to write how the initial attempt, the customer service department will be able to assist statement help personal at that time. List of Authorized Resellers : IDAutomation sells all of its software products to anywhere in the world from the IDAutomation website and multiple types of payment are accepted. Hardware can only be shipped to addresses in the USA and Canada, except the IDAutomation Plug 'n Assignment work USB Barcode ScannerIDAutomation 2D barcode scanner i where buy good essay can IDAutomation Wireless Barcode Scanner. Hardware, such as scanners and printers are not part of the reseller program. Currently, IDAutomation.com, Inc. has the following approved resellers. Have any other questions? Please contact IDAutomation.