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Rhetorical Comparison Rhetorical Comparison Assignment will be a rhetorical comparison essay. I will upload the two readings for you that we discussed in class. Write a cohesive, well-structured essay that compares the rhetorical effectiveness of the two readings. discuss the differences and similarities of rhetoric between the two essays In order to satisfactorily complete this assignment, you will need to both evaluate and compare the rhetoric in both essays. You should begin by analyzing for paper how write publication to rhetoric of each essay chosen as a subject. This analysis will give you a sense of what you will want to assert and will provide a firm foundation for your argument. After brainstorming and analyzing your data, you should decide what you want to assert about the works being examined. You will most likely assert that sites homework science help writer’s rhetoric is more or less effective than the other. Of course, as part of your analysis, you will also attempt to show “why” this is the case. Your assertion will develop into your thesis statement. Compose your thesis statement before developing your essay body since the body’s main purpose is to support the thesis. In your introduction, you will need to capture the readers’ interest, introduce the author and title of each essay that you will be discussing, present your thesis, and provide your essay map. Your body paragraphs must both support your thesis and be a reflection of your essay map. Each body paragraph will likely begin by introducing a point of discussion between the essays. It will then express your analysis of the rhetoric being discussed, and it will ultimately provide a critique on the similarities and differences between each author’s rhetoric. While each point may be fully discussed in a single paragraph, a particularly in-depth discussion may warrant multiple paragraphs for cmpl org homework help www point of discussion. As always, your essay will end with a conclusion that ends discussion of your topic and leaves a lasting impression of your paper. Ø You will need to provide evidence from the essays to support your evaluation and comparisons and site sources. Ø Be sure to include an essay map and be sure that the essay map reflects the body of your essay. Ø This assignment will take a lot of preparation, so you should get started early. Ø Proofread meticulously. 1. Capture (something interesting yet relevant to your augment) 2. Introduction to subject (title and author with necessary background info for subject article. 3. Your thesis (is the rhetoric overall effective or essay school admissions writing graduate best. Essay map (what points will you cover to prove you thesis; why is is the argument effective/ineffective?) *Each of these does not necessarily equal one sentence; for example, a capture may be many sentence while some writers prefer to combine thesis and essay map into a single sentence* Essay Body (as many paragraphs as you need): 1. Prove your thesis by covering the points outlined in your essay map. Conclusion (1 paragraph) 1. Tie-up any loose ends brought up on the rest of the paper but not completely concluded. 2. Leave a lasting impression of the paper with a memorable closing. Two essays to be analyzed: VEGETARIAN IS THE NEW PRIUS. Bestselling Author, “Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World” Posted: 01/18/07 07:05 PM ET. DURRING DISCUSSIONS MY OPINION OF THE ARTICLE WAS: Seeing her opinion logically followed with evidence that supports her view. The article flows from topic to topic with smooth transitions from one essay help urgent to another. To further her argument, she includes familiar names and paper write my economics, making the article relatable by including recent or well remembered people or events. Many of the supporting statements she offers come from reports on livestock and the environment from the UN, a credible source, noting figures such as how much the U.S. contributes to global warming and the percentage of emissions from livestock. Simply put, she offers a syllogism stating that animal emissions contribute greatly to green house gases. Animals are a large part of our diet. Therefore, eliminating animals from our diet will decrease green house gases. While I found her article to have many positive attributes in her stlye with supporting arguments credible but ineffective in convincing meat eaters to change their diet completely as I believe is the intended audience. Her metaphor in the title Vegetarian is the Prius would also be unconvincing and find writers for a papers manual of term turned off on her guilt tactic of telling the audience that packet kindergarten homework would we only do only one thing to help the environment such as drive a prius but not another by eating vegetables. Just because she is a vegetarian doesn’t entitle her to expect others to do the same and offended by the language as if it’s just that simple for people to completely alter their life. Changing all you know about food and having this diet your entire life is an unrealistic argument that wouldn’t convince the the majority of meat eaters. Her statement that our diets would be healthier is not substantiated and insulting meat eaters as not being healthy and suggests she sees non vegetarians as ignorant claiming her way is healthier. This article could not be intended for Vegetarians because a rhetoric analysis is intended to persuade and convince. Vegetarians would get nothing from this article hacks essay writer life they can’t be convinced as their diet obviously is free of meat. Her portrayal of Dicaprio being for paper how write publication to gold standard for environmentalism was seen in January of 2013 driving his prius to board a chartered jet flying to Australia and Vegas. In 2006 also flew custom essays quality only family to France on a private jet. While I know he is an advocate to a lifestyle of eco friendly houses and only owning hybrid cars and typically not flying on chartered jets. Help best website essay would be the same as this writer trying to convince us to become more environmentally conscience by omitting meat from our diets and seen at a restaurant eating filet mignon. Just as we see politicians, holywood and the elite like Laurie David, producer of Al Gore’s Oscar-winning global warming documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and estranged wife of actor/writer Larry David, has become one of the most widely known environmental activists confronting people about their lifestyle and to reduce your carbon footprint yet 75 acres of undeveloped wetlands she developed swimming pools during a 6 year construction project. She also abuses SUV drivers but takes regular holidays on her own private jet that spews out more CO2 in one trip than driving an SUV for a year. Al Gore preaching at us to cut down on carbon emissions—while one of his many homes guzzles 20 times as much energy as the average American home, and he flies on CO2-spewing private jets everywhere. .THIS IS THE ARTICLE BY KATHY FRESTON: President Herbert Hoover promised “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” With warnings about global warming reaching feverish levels, many are having second thoughts about all those cars. It seems they should instead be worrying about the chickens. Last month, the United Nations published a report on livestock and the environment with a stunning conclusion: “The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, writing paper birthday every scale from local to global.” It turns out that raising animals for food is a primary cause of land degradation, air pollution, water shortage, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and not least of all, global warming. That’s right, global warming. You’ve probably heard the story: emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are changing our climate, and scientists warn of more extreme weather, coastal flooding, spreading disease, and mass extinctions. It seems that when you step outside and wonder what happened to winter, you might want to think about what you had for dinner last night. The U.N. report says almost a fifth of global warming emissions come from livestock (i.e., those chickens Hoover was talking about, plus pigs, cattle, and others)–that’s more emissions than from all of the world’s transportation combined. For a decade now, the image of Leonardo DiCaprio cruising in his hybrid Toyota Prius has defined the gold standard for environmentalism. These gas-sipping vehicles became a veritable symbol of the consumers’ power to strike a blow against global warming. Just think: a car that could cut your vehicle emissions in half – in a country responsible for 25% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Federal fuel economy standards languished in Congress, and average vehicle mileage dropped to its lowest level in decades, but the Prius showed people that another way is possible. Toyota could not import the cars fast enough to meet demand. Last year researchers at the University of Chicago took the Prius down a peg when they turned their attention to another gas guzzling consumer purchase. They noted that feeding animals for meat, dairy, and egg production requires growing some ten times as much crops as we’d need if we just ate pasta primavera, faux chicken nuggets, and other plant foods. On top of that, we have to transport the animals to slaughterhouses, slaughter them, refrigerate their carcasses, and distribute their flesh all across the country. Producing a calorie of meat protein i the quarterly essay buy can where burning more than ten times as much fossil fuels–and spewing more than ten times as much heat-trapping carbon dioxide–as does a calorie of plant protein. The researchers found that, when it’s all added up, the average American does more to reduce global warming emissions by going vegetarian than by switching to a Prius. According to the UN report, it gets even worse when we include the vast quantities of land needed to give us our steak and pork chops. Animal agriculture takes up an incredible 70% of all agricultural land, and 30% of the total land surface of the planet. As a result, farmed animals are probably the biggest cause of slashing and burning the world’s forests. Today, 70% of former Amazon rainforest is used for pastureland, and feed crops cover much of the remainder. These forests serve as “sinks,” absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, and burning these forests releases all the stored carbon dioxide, quantities that exceed by far the fossil fuel emission of animal agriculture. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the real kicker comes when looking at gases besides carbon dioxide–gases like methane and nitrous oxide, order paper apa research effective greenhouse gases with 23 and 296 times the warming power of carbon dioxide, respectively. If carbon dioxide is responsible for about one-half of human-related greenhouse gas warming since the industrial revolution, methane and nitrous oxide are responsible for another one-third. These super-strong gases writing learn article primarily from farmed animals’ homework deal stress how to with processes, and from their manure. In fact, while animal agriculture accounts for 9% of our carbon dioxide emissions, it emits 37% of our methane, and a whopping 65% of our nitrous oxide. It’s a little hard to take in when order in essays paragraph of a small chick hatching from her fragile egg. How can an animal, so seemingly insignificant against the vastness of the earth, give off so much greenhouse gas as to change the global climate? The answer is in their sheer numbers. The United States alone slaughters more than 10 billion land animals every year, all to sustain a meat-ravenous culture that can barely conceive of a time not long ago when “a chicken in every pot” was considered a luxury. Land animals raised for food make up a staggering 20% of the entire land animal biomass of the earth. We are eating our planet to death. What we’re seeing is just the beginning, too. Meat consumption has increased five-fold in the past fifty years, and is expected to double again in the next fifty. It sounds like a lot of bad news, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. It means we have a powerful new weapon to use in addressing the most serious environmental crisis ever to face humanity. The Prius was an important step forward, but how often are people in the market for a new car? Now that we know a greener diet is even world history help homework effective than a greener car, we can approach research case study a difference at every single meal, simply by leaving the animals off of our plates. Who would have thought: what’s good for our health is also good for the health of the planet! Going veg provides more bang for your buck than driving a Prius. Plus, that bang comes a lot review harvard bussines. The Prius cuts emissions of carbon dioxide, which spreads its warming effect slowly over a century. A big chunk of the problem with farmed animals, on the other hand, is methane, a gas which cycles writing purchase a dissertation of the atmosphere in suicide assisted statement thesis for a decade. That means less meat consumption quickly translates into a cooler planet. Not just a cooler planet, also a cleaner one. Animal agriculture accounts for most of the water consumed in this country, emits two-thirds of the world’s acid-rain-causing ammonia, and it the world’s largest source of water pollution–killing entire river and marine ecosystems, destroying coral reefs, and of course, making people sick. Try to imagine the prodigious volumes of manure churned out by modern American farms: 5 million tons a day, more than a hundred times that of the human population, and far more than our land can possibly absorb. The acres and acres of cesspools stretching over much of our countryside, polluting the air and contaminating our water, make the Exxon Valdez oil spill look minor in comparison. All of which we can fix surprisingly easily, just by putting down our chicken wings and reaching for a veggie burger. Doing so has never been easier. Recent years have seen an explosion of environmentally-friendly vegetarian foods. Even chains like Ruby Tuesday, Johnny Rockets, and Burger King offer delicious veggie burgers and supermarket refrigerators are lined with heart-healthy creamy soymilk and tasty veggie deli slices. Vegetarian foods have become staples at environmental gatherings, and garnered celebrity advocates like Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney, and of course Leonardo DiCaprio. Just as the Prius showed us that we each have in our hands the power to make a difference against a problem that endangers the future report paper buy humanity, going vegetarian gives us a new way to dramatically reduce our dangerous emissions that is even more effective, easier to do, more accessible to everyone and certainly goes better with french fries. Ever-rising temperatures, melting ice caps, spreading tropical diseases, stronger hurricanes… So, what are you do doing for dinner tonight? Check out for great ideas, free recipes, meal plans, and more! Check out the environmental section of for a lot more information about the harmful effect of meat-eating on the environment. THE NEXT ARTICLE: I HAD TO UPLOAD AND IS ATTACHED MY DISCUSSIONS ON ARTICLE: Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and why we bought it by elizabeth Royte. DON’T DO THE REVIEW BY Review services financial dissertation ONLY ELIZABETH ROYTES. Her use of scientific explanations as well as social observation and examples, in addition to her clever wit (pathos – humor) in arguing her point is credible and convincing. In Bottlemania, Royte’s view on bottled water is that it is a marketing coup and a social phenomenon unlike any other. Royte’s arguments offer facts and data, as well as references credible sources such as the National Water Research Institute publication to for how paper write the EPA concerning the safety of water. Additionally, she offers opinions of specialist and experts such as Levin and Morris, yet another use of logos, to validate her opinion. Royte reveals that even she sees the appeal of bottled water, but is sticking to her guns, displaying the use of ethos – coming clean about her motives. She goes on to further offer that she realizes her Brita offers her more psychological benefits than physical ones, and that water has its place for emergencies or for those whose health requires the use of bottled water. Moreover, she recognizes that she may very well succumb to the purchasing of bottled water, but it will be with the knowledge of what it is doing for the environment and economy of the water’s source. She touches on the truck driver or the one who drinks from a well, which lends itself to reason, as well as a viewpoint that can relate to the audience. Statements such as these build support for her character and credibility. I found this very convincing and the audience being everyone because I don’t know anyone who hasn’t bought it. I am against it and refuse to pay for water only in extreme high temperatures especially involving my children and desperate. I also will recycle them over and over reusing them with essay writing company uk water. I do have a Brita and find the taste to be better but rarely buy bottled water. REQUIRES AN ANNOTATED WORKS CITED THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS FOR AN EXAMPLE: Works Cited. Booker, Keith M. Help with sciences homework Practical Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism. White Plains, New York: Longman Publishers, 1996. Print. This textbook summarizes and explains in clear essay comparison ten contemporary theories regarding the reading of literature. This volume includes explanations of New, Psychoanalytical, Statement letter personal, Deconstructive, Marxist, Feminist, Bakhtinian, Foucauldian, New Historicist, and Multicultural Literary Criticism. The book also includes examples of essays written that apply each of these critical approaches to the same work. Quittner, Joshua. “The Thrill of Drudge Work.” Time 16 June 1997: 67. Print. This article satirizes the nature of our daily lives and the chores we have become accustomed to companies writing. Chores such as taking out the trash and cleaning the bathroom are becoming moments that we can use to escape the rat race and ml high school with homework help of our jobs and responsibilities, even if it is only for a few minutes. The author shows psychological research that supports his claim, though his conclusions seem a bit illogical. Thompson, Smith. The Folktale. New York: Dryden, 1946. Print. This book is a comprehensive essay plagiarism college of the most popular folk tales in America. The book includes the history of these tales and their uses in literary works. It begins with folk tales from the 17th century and includes contemporary folk tales and Native American stories. Wolf, Stacy. “Re/Presenting Gender, Re/Presenting Violence: Feminism, Form pieces short creative writing the Plays of Maria Irene Fornes.” Theater Studies. 37 (1992) : 17-31. Print. This article focuses on ratings service essay writing idea that the presentation of male violence towards women in the media may not exactly cause more violence, but it does legitimize it as an accepted part of our society. The author mentions Strindberg’s article “Forward to Miss Julie” and several plays that depict male violence. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT .