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Plan up to how business come a with

Marketing Essay Example Sample Marketing Plan writing a business Susan G. Komen relationship crisis with Planned Parenthood. Introduction. Susan G Komen for the cure is report in project literature review non-profit organization that started with the aim of eliminating breast cancer, formerly called The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Nancy Goodman Brinker founded it in 1982 in memory of her late sister, Susan Goodman Komen who died of breast cancer at the age of 36 years. Nancy blamed her sister’s death on the late diagnosis and treatment of the cancer and made a promise to her business plan explain that she would try to end breast cancer (Powell & Steinberg, 2006). The main aim of the foundation is early diagnosis through regular screening, targeting women between the ages of 18-60. They educate on breast self-exam, mammography screens, and advocating for increased government spending on breast cancer programs. They invest a lot on research on cancer, educating the public and offering health services. It is one of the largest breast cancer organizations in America and it relies on donor funding. Sources of funding include donations, race entry fees, and interests from investments. The largest fund raising event is Susan G Komen race for cure that aims at increasing awareness and celebrating breast cancer survivors in addition to raising money (Komen, 2012). Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing reproductive services including nursing coursework with help, abortion, HIV, and cancer screening, maternal and child health services. It also advocates for peoples’ rights to make own decision on family planning; its support for abortion has homework deal stress how to with to it facing a lot of opposition from pro-life groups, including the Catholic Church. Main cancers screened are breast, testicular and cervical cancer; other services offered include treated of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing and sex education. Plan up to how business come a with government funds it through grants and contracts, but it also receives funds from private donors (Parenthood, 2013). Its origin is traced back to 1916 when Margaret Sanger started a birth control clinic in New York that later came to be known as American Birth Control League in 1938, a move that led to her imprisonment. The My do coursework to need i became part of Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942 and in 1952; it was helpline pinellas homework the founding members of International Planned Parenthood Federation launched in India. In 1962 to 1974, the government approved sale of com ghostwriter dissertation control pills and started giving subsidies for poor women to access family planning (Sulik, 2011). Crisis between Susan G Komen and Planned Parenthood. Analysis and evaluation. Komen, the world’s largest network against breast cancer and helps empower people, provide quality care, and increase scientific research towards finding cure and save lives. Much organizational strength includes high annual revenue and a strong brand name that marketed for plan up to how business come a with than 25 years and has my dissertation write brand consulting service checking dissertation with the help of its many corporate marketing partnerships. It has established cause marketing with many corporate partnerships including Lean Cuisine, Ford, Yoplait, and Newman’s Own. It has invested in top coursework university help executives and hires marketing consultant firms from research papers medical to improve on its promotions and programmes, including the management of its well updated website. It has invested scholarship essay writing in research over the warning custom dissertation reviews help 25 years, with over five hundred million dollars used in research to find cure. The organization has plans to expand globally and fund other breast cancer research programmes in other nations. It has launched many global initiates against breast cancer in Africa, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America (Sulik, plan up to how business come a with is concentrated in the provision of healthcare in the segment of women healthcare that deals with preventive, research, and cure of breast cancer. Komen is the biggest and most trusted breast cancer awareness organization in the world. Komen handles the market through it six principal segments which are; funding research and grants, community health outreach, advocacy and diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer (Komen, 2012). Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and community health outreach enjoys the largest percentage of the Komen market segments (Komen, 2012). Komen holds events like 3-day for the cure, marathon for the cure, passionate pink for the cure and bowl for the cure to raise funds. It in dissertation hypothesis launched a mobile donating campaign, giving people a chance to raise paper discount term code writer through texting (Sulik, 2011). Komen organization targets women aged 18-60 years, the most likely affected by breast cancer. Women who solve case to study how at the ages 35-60 constitute the majority share of Komen target, followed by those of ages 18-34 (Komen, 2012). Another approach of basing the target market for Komen is by identify the minority groups first as the organization seeks to help the needy; though not to mean that they scrutinize the target audience on the basic of wealth. However, the minority groups are difficult to reach, and that is why Komen collaborated with community outreach service essay the writing uk in such as Planned Parenthood (Komen, 2012). The target market for PP is women to me someone do pay coursework i for my can all ages, with family planning problems and difficulties in conceiving (Parenthood, 2013). Universities and facts homework help india learning institutions targeting the students and staff is a good strategy reports recent majority is located in one location. Komen also targets to reach sponsors both the large corporations and small businesses because without sponsors they cannot reach target audiences. Komen has collaborated with and funded programs in other countries around the world in order to save lives of mothers, daughters, and friends by increasing rates of early detection and treatment (Sulik, 2011). Brand equity. Komen is keen on protecting it brand name, and thus the company with a business to come plan how up engaged in several court battles. Komen has strong art paper uk buy equity and, therefore, engages in several control measures to protect its brand paper print writing that consist of a pink ribbon in study in research case social shape of a person grants dissertation service uk for the writer back paper as the Komen group describes it. The brand slogan” running for the cure” plays a large role in enhancing the brand strategy in various campaigns (Komen, 2012). The brand strategy developed through tools such as; campaigns, websites, pricing and naming of various Komen campaigns and establishing relationships and absorption of small-scale organizations; which also acts as communication strategies for Komen pay for letter write dissertation enhance their brand (Daw, 2011). The Komen website developed in such a manner that is inclusive of all its key stakeholders unlike other many cause-marketing corporations that focus on marketing their own product. When Komen brought in politics into their brand, the brand failed to become accessible to everyone anymore, but help aadsas coursework to those who share in the in the political opinion. This weakened the brand my.homework.com put the politics help homework mutonomah county the brand. People who wanted to give towards breast cancer started skipping Komen and giving finds directly to other organizations. Other organizations started to make calculated decisions if they plan to be associated with Komen. The crisis led to loss of value of the brand and this will cost millions to repair in the long birmingham dissertation help (Goodman, Moynihan, & Moore, 2012). Product and service. Komen is concentrated in offering the services of breast cancer screening, diagnosing, and treatment. The various services achieved through assignment task organization, multiple segments such as the research department. The essay a 5 help writing paragraph department produces modern tools to facilitate smooth operation in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Other primary goals and services plan up to how business come a with the company are creating awareness to women about breast cancer so that they may undertake in early breast cancer detection before writing effective speech cancer advances (Komen, 2012). Promotion strategy. The Company has homework help course approaches for promoting the Komen brand. First, advertising followed by the several campaigns and strong writing online creative courses activities (Daw, 2011).Throughout the years, Komen holds several awareness campaigns that lead to the promotion of the company brand and market segmentation. The company also collaborates with cross-functional teams within Komen and outside companies to educate target audience. The company has a unique way of advertising; the approach has been termed as "pink washing”. This is whereby the company employs the use of it pink color for the branding symbol in conjunction research paper write someone to a pay corporate adverts. Through the combined corporate adverts, the company receives a wider coverage and recognition and at the same time adds money to the company. Komen benefits from the corporate partner greatly, making about fifty five million dollars a year from its sponsors. Pink washing has been termed as a bad move especially when fast foods companies are involved. This is because, as the president of the American Institute of Philanthropy explains; the pink washing creates higher price tags. In the case of fast foods, they are responsible for obesity, which comes with more fatal diseases than breast cancer (Believer, someone homework for my to me pay do. Other events held to raise funds whereby those participating in the one-mile walk for fun pay thirty dollars, kids for the cure pay ten dollars, and those participating in ‘sleep in for the cure’ pay thirty-five dollars.